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April 2024 (First Edition)
Gig Workers Retire, Too
Botching a Will
What's the Story on Life Insurance?
Living Happily Ever After: Where Should I Retire?

April 2024 (Second Edition)
Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan?
Looking After the People Who Look After You
How To Settle a Deceased Person's Debts
What Are Trusts and Do You Need One?

April 2024 (First Edition)
The Ins and Outs of Living as a Digital Nomad
How To Avoid Scams After the Death of a Loved One
Definition of Retirement Lies in the Eye of the Retiree
Annuities: Know the Basics

March 2024 (Second Edition)
How To Pick an Executor
Your Employment Swan Song: Announcing Your Retirement
Assets in Irrevocable Trusts and Stepped-Up Basis
How To Choose Beneficiaries

March 2024 (First Edition)
Are You Ready To Downsize Your Home?

Should You Explore Phased Retirement?
Different Kinds of Long-Term Care Facilities
A Watched Investment Pot Never Boils

Febuary 2024 (Second Edition)
Grandchildren, Trusts and Estate Planning
Taxes and Divorce
Roaming in Retirement
Heirs and Spares: Contingent Beneficiaries

Febuary 2024 (First Edition)
Work Around Retirement Myths
How To Handle Stepfamilies in Your Estate Plan
When Should You Take Social Security?
Caregiving and Retirement Savings

Janaury 2024 (Second Edition)
What Is a Living Will?
Grandparenting and Retirement: Standard Practice?
Life Insurance: What Are Your Choices?
Estate Plans: Know the Basics

Janaury 2024 (First Edition)
How To Choose Guardians
Volunteering in Retirement
You Are Your Own Best Investment
How Often Should You Check Credit Reports?

December 2023 (Second Edition)
How To Sleuth for Estate Assets
Live Well Into a Ripe Old Age
Roll Over Your Retirement Plan Upon Retirement?
Should You Retire in Place?
Five Natural Remedies for Peace of Mind

December 2023 (First Edition)
Start the Family Retirement Conversation
How To Choose a Beneficiary for Your Will
Teaching During Retirement Years
What Is a Durable Power of Attorney?

November 2023 (Third Edition)
Naming Your Pet in Your Will
How To Choose an Executor
Weave Charity Into Your Estate Plan
Elder Care for Seniors Without Family
What To Know About Prenups

November 2023 (Second Edition)
How To Value Items In An Estate
What Are Key Trust Problems?
The Top Legal Concerns for the Elderly
How To Use a QPRT

November 2023 (First Edition)
Handing Down the Family Business
Alternatives to Nursing Homes
Wills and Trusts: Challenging Their Provisions
Estate Planning If You Have No Children

October 2023 (Second Edition)
What Kind of Adviser Is Right for You?
Cultural Issues in Estate Planning
Estate Planning Issues After 65
How To Choose a Good Place To Retire
Travel Tips for the Elderly

October 2023 (First Edition)
What Exactly Is Probate?
Foreign Homes and Estate Plans
How To Raise Your FICO Score
15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Why You Should Eat Them
7 Ways to Energize Your Morning Routine

September 2023 (Second Edition)
For Estate Planning, Try FIRE
Your Property Insurance Bill? You Have More Control Over It Than You Think
What Are the Different Kinds of Trusts?
Stepfamilies and Estate Planning

September 2023 (First Edition)
How Much Can You Withdraw During Retirement?
How to Put ERISA in Your Corner
Appraising the Situation: Why the Home Appraisal Matters
Decluttering the Muddle of Multiple Retirement Accounts

August 2023 (Second Edition)
Refinance When Interest Rates Are on the Rise?
QCDs: Tax-Free Gifts to Charity
Not Your Grandparent's Assisted Living Any Longer
How To Contest a Will

August 2023 (First Edition)
Inherited IRA Rules Altered by the SECURE Act
Will vs. Trust: Cost, Process and Uses
Never Retire!
How To Plan for Estate and Gift Taxes
Traveling in Retirement

July 2023
Welcome to Douglas McPhail, PLC Newsletter
Let Your Home Equity Fund Your Retirement
Do You Embrace Risk or Reject It?
A New Look at SECURE Act 2.0 Issues
Deciding When To Take Social Security Benefits

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