Medicaid Attorney Norton Shores, MIOur legal team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the Medicaid application process. Check out our resources below to get the facts on Michigan Medicaid.

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What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a health insurance program funded by the state and federal government for people who have very low income and are elderly, blind, or disabled. Click the link to learn more.

Medicaid FAQ’s

Our legal team is dedicated to answering any questions you might have during the Medicaid application process. If you have a question that can’t wait until your next appointment, check out our list of frequently asked questions.

Am I Eligible?

Medical eligibility depends on financial need. To apply for Medicaid, your income and assets must be below limits set by the government.

Medicaid Mistakes

While many people assume that a Medicaid spend down is the only way to qualify for government aid, our Medicaid attorney can help you find ways to pay for nursing home care without losing all your assets.

The Need for Help

Just because Medicaid stops paying for nursing home care, doesn’t mean your loved one is ready or able to return home. When Medicaid stops paying for nursing home care, many families use their life savings to make sure their loved ones continue to get the help they need.

Asset Transfer Rules

Under state and federal law, transferring certain assets within 5 years of applying for Medicaid will trigger a penalty period and significantly delay benefits.

The Risk of Loss

Even a short stay at a nursing home can be a financial disaster for your family if you don’t prepare for the risk of loss. Fortunately, our elder law attorney can help you protect the bulk of your assets from a Medicaid spend down.

2023 Medicaid Reference Guide

Have questions about Medicaid that can’t wait until your next appointment? Check out our Medicaid reference guide for 2023 for the latest information.

Apply for Medicaid

It will take time for the state of Michigan to process your Medicaid application, which is why you should apply as soon as you know you’ll be needing nursing home care. In general, the agency has 45 days to process your application.