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How to Write Your Last Will and Testament

It’s never too early to start writing a will, as long as it’s under the guidance of our trusted elder law attorney. [...]

How Elder Law Attorneys Help with Estate Planning

There’s more to estate planning than writing a will. Even a simple will should be scrutinized by our estate planning attorney who [...]

How Do I Start Estate Planning?

Estate planning gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy retirement to the fullest. While we understand most clients don’t like [...]

How to Protect Assets from a Medicaid Spend Down

Don’t wait until you’ve spent down your entire life savings on nursing home care before calling an attorney. Our elder law attorney [...]

3 Ways Estate Planning Helps You Avoid Probate

If you don’t hire an estate planning attorney before writing a will, your assets could be held in probate after you’re gone. [...]

5 Ways Estate Planning Prevents Inheritance Disputes

Are you concerned that your last will and testament will be challenged? If so, you’ll want to hire an estate planning attorney […]

Why Medicaid Planning is Important

After saving money for a lifetime to retire, the last thing you want is to spend your entire life savings on nursing […]

How are Wills and Trusts Different?

If you are getting ready for retirement, you’ll want to make sure you have a comprehensive estate plan in place (if you […]

Benefits of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

An elder law attorney can help you save thousands of dollars by protecting assets from a Medicaid spend down. An attorney can […]

5 Debunked Myths about Estate Planning

While most people don’t feel comfortable discussing incapacitation or death, estate planning can prevent discord in the family and make sure that […]