Medicaid Attorney Muskegon, MIMedicaid is a health care benefits program funded by the state and federal government for people who have limited income and assets; and, are elderly, blind, or disabled.

It’s important to understand that Medicaid may cover some (not all) of nursing home costs, which is why we recommend hiring our Norton Shores estate planning attorney to protect your assets.

Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid eligibility is based on financial need. To apply for Medicaid, you must prove that your assets and income don’t exceed limits set by the government. Our elder law attorney will know how to apply for Medicaid so you can get the financial assistance you need for nursing home care. Medicaid insurance covers essential health care services.

Medicaid in Michigan

Each state (including Michigan) operates the Medicaid program locally through its social services department. This department determines Medicaid eligibility by setting limits for income and assets. Our attorney can help you fill out your Michigan Medicaid application and understand how Medicaid fits into your retirement planning.

How We Can Help

Our Norton Shores elder law attorney can help you determine your Medicaid eligibility so you can retire with peace of mind. To schedule your appointment with Medicaid attorney Douglas H. McPhail, call (231) 799-4994.