How to Write Your Last Will and Testament

Estate Planning Attorney in Muskegon MIIt’s never too early to start writing a will, as long as it’s under the guidance of our trusted elder law attorney. Legal wills have a way of stirring up old resentments, which is why our attorney will make sure there are no inconsistencies or loopholes.

Otherwise, you may have family members challenging your will after you’re gone. Our attorney has the education and experience needed to help you create an ironclad will that will stand up to the rigors of court.

Getting Help With Your Will

Continue reading to learn how to write your last will and testament. To request a consultation with our elder law attorney, call our legal team today.

Verify Your Good Health

Before making a will, schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist to verify that you are in good mental health and in full control of your faculties. A mental health validation can prevent people from later saying you weren’t of sound mind when you wrote your will.

While no one wants to think of their loved ones fighting in court after they pass away, it’s important that you prepare for this possibility. Having a mental health validation signed and sealed with your legal will can reduce the likelihood of someone contesting your will.

Starting Writing a Will ASAP

While Hollywood shows people writing their last will and testament on their deathbed, you’ll want to come to our office a lot sooner than that. A last will should be written while you are in good mental health in the presence of our attorney. Our attorney specializes in elder law and estate planning. As such, our elder law attorneyknows how to recognize potential loopholes or inconsistencies before they lead to legal issues.

Consider a No-Contest Clause

A no-contest clause makes it so that if a beneficiary challenges your will and loses, they are forced to give up their inheritance. If you are concerned that your loved ones will contest your will after you pass away, you may want to talk to our elder law attorney about adding a no-contest clause.

Many of the clients we work with decide to add a no-contest clause because they want to make sure that their final wishes are honored by loved ones. A no-contest clause also reduces the likelihood of someone contesting a will.

Hire Our Elder Law Attorney

We don’t recommend writing a will on your own. Our estate planning lawyer can make sure there are no unintentional loopholes in your last will that would prevent your assets from going to their intended loved ones. Even if you want to write a simple will, we still recommend hiring our attorney to help you through the process. Creating a willrequires legal expertise so you can avoid accidental loopholes or inconsistencies that could lead to someone contesting your will.

Attorney Douglas H. McPhail is dedicated to helping you create a legal will that honors your final wishes. Our attorney wants to help you tie up any loose ends with your estate so you have peace of mind. To request a consultation with our elder law attorney in Norton Shores MI, call (231) 799-4994.